Loyalist Arms & Repairs is proud to introduce our new Brown Bess Dublin Castle model of 1724.

These are one of the earliest versions of the legendary Long Land pattern Brown Bess muskets, produced after the
George 1st model Pre-Land Musket.

These early models had no bridle on the frizzen, and the hardware was made of iron, very similar to the earlier doglock
muskets of the William III & Queen Anne era.

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The appearance is extremely close to the 1728 Bess, however, all hardware is iron.

All specs are the same as the 1728 Bess, however, all hardware is iron. Available with either wood or steel rammer.

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Lock plate bears the following marks:
Crown over "GR", and "DUBLIN/ CASTLE" over the date 1724.
Notice the correct styled finial on the frizzen spring.
All springs are properly hand forged & tempered.
Frizzens are guaranteed to throw an excellent shower of sparks.

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Another view of this beautiful musket, showing the iron hardware and relief carving around side plate & tang.

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This view; one of the butt plate,(notice the long tang), and the rest of the iron hardware.

Sling swivels are included with musket, also free flash guard and hammer/frizzen stall.

These fine muskets are priced the same as the 1728 brass mounted Bess muskets.

Price: $850.00 CAN / $697.00 US
-Proper bayonets with scabbard available: $ 85.00 CAN / $64.00 US
-Proper sling kits available: $ 32.00 CAN / $19.95 US

-We can ship anywhere in the US without problems.

-Touch hole is drilled, and proofing & loading data included.

-Overseas shipments are also possible please inquire.