1796 Heavy Dragoon carbine

1796 british heavy dragoon carbine

Another new offer from Loyalist Arms for 2005.

Now cavalry and dragoon reenactors from the Quasi war, Napoleonic, 1812 period and Mexican war period
have a reasonably priced, accurate carbine available to them.

This "heavy" dragoon carbine of 1796 was named as such because the caliber was the same as the infantry musket of the same period.
Both the East India Co. pattern Bess and this carbine were produced in 76 cal. Having the same caliber as the standard issue
musket was supposed to make ammunition easier to supply.
This carbine however, with its 26 inch barrel, was not merely a cut down version of a Bess.
These carbines were the standard issue to dragoon units until the 1830's.
As these carbines became surplus, many were sold off to the Mexican government, along with Paget carbines,
EIC pattern Brown Bess', and Baker rifles.
Many of these carbines were used at the Alamo and the Mexican war.
Some even lasted long enough to see limited service during the American Civil war.

Although the tang area and the lock design are almost identical to the EIC. pattern Bess, there are several major differences.
The sling bar and ring are mounted on the left side, and there is no accommodation for sling swivels.
Some models actually had sling swivels along with the bar, however our model follows the more common pattern and omits the
swivels entirely.

The design of the ram rod and the nose cap are unique to this carbine. The rammer has a groove cut into
the swell so it could fit securely against the lower lip of the nose cap. This prevented the ram rod from shaking
loose and falling out of the ram rod channel while being handled on horseback.
The barrel is not simply cut short to 26". It is properly turned and tapered to the muzzle, which provides for
a very well balanced feel and makes this cabine very easy to aim; a nescessity while on horseback.

Another unique design feature of this carbine is the ram rod groove.
There is no entry thimble, and the ram rod groove quickly narrows down to a thin slot, which is cut all the way
back to just under the front of the lock plate area. This design was supposed to prevent mud and debris from clogging
up the ram rod channel and jamming the ram rod.


Since these muskets are not in high demand, there is presently, a limited supply.

Order delays may be expected.


US $697.00 / Can. $850.00

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