1839 Tower Percussion conversion musket

A new item designed with the AM. Civil War reenactor in mind.
These muskets would also have been used in the Crimean war,
the Indian Mutiny, and many other colonial conflicts.

These muskets saw extensive use from the adoption of the percussion cap, until well after the
Snyder Enfield cartridge rifle was adopted by the British army. They were manufactured up till 1851.
They were used in conflicts from Europe to Asia, the Middle East, Africa and North America.
These guns were the first official percussion cap muskets issued to the British forces.
They were converted New Land Pattern muskets, which were in fact, updated East India Pattern muskets.

Our model has a 39 inch long, 75 cal. barrel. All hardware is basically New Land Pattern Flint muskets.
These guns take the same bayonet as the India Pattern Bess.

Lock plate is almost identical to the flint pattern, except for the rounded tail on the lock plate.
Muskets take a standard musket cap. Nipple thread is 8mm X 1.25, Euroarms.

Side plate was held with a screw.


Proofing and loading data is supplied with these muskets.
These guns carry a 6 month warranty on all moving parts, and a 1 year warranty on springs.

Price, $670.00 US / $825.00 Cdn.

Bayonets available @ $64.00 USD./$85.00 Cdn.