Bayonets and Scabbards

Bayonets, Scabbards & Knives

Socket Bayonets.
see further below for PLUG BAYONETS...

A) Brown Bess Bayonets and Scabbards:
-Long Land pattern model (1st model) with appropriate scabbard
-Short Land Pattern model (2nd model) with appropriate scabbard; aftermarket
-East India Co. pattern (3rd model) with optional scabbards (see D)

B) 1777 Charleville bayonet and scabbard. (will fit later models up to 1830's)

C) Early to mid 18thC. French bayonet and scabbard
-Appropriate for all models from 1717 to 1746, but will fit up to 1760.

D) East India Co. pattern Bess scabbard, late model. (Napoleonic and later)
-An earlier version scabbard is also available for the EIC Bess bayonet
(Please note which scabbard is desired when ordering)

Bayonets not Pictured but available:
-1760's French bayonet and scabbard (no lock clasp style)
-1795 Springfield bayonet and scabbard (willl fit some models up to 1830's)
-Early 18thC. British fusil bayonet and scabbard (private contract style)
1840 - 1842 Springfield bayonet & scabbard
1853 Enfield & Tower musket bayonet & scabbard
1954 Austrain Lorenz Bayonet & Scabbard

All above listed bayonets with scabbards:
Price: $85.00 CDN / $64.00 USD
Scabbard only: $33.00 CDN / $25.50 US)

Pedersoli manufactured Bayonets and Scabbards:

A) Short land pattern (2nd model) Brown Bess bayonet only: Email for current pricing, special order item.

B) 1777 Charleville bayonet: Email for pricing, special order item.

Naval Bowie Knife

click on pic for larger image.
Carbon steel blade and brass trim. 1830's - 1900.
$49.00 US/ $69.00 Cdn.
We now have these BOWIE knives available with bone and horn handles.!!

We are pleased to offer three styles of plug bayonets for 2007.
Plug bayonets were popular in the 17thC. to the early 18thC.
Ours are made with full size handles and have to be modified by the customer to fit their
individual bore, .65 -.78 cal. One size fits all.

These items will also work well as trade knives and daggers of the 17th-18th centuries.

#A. European plug of 1680-1710. Blade, approx. 13 1/4 X 1 7/16; iron trim.
#B. British Plug, 1680's period. Blade approx. 10 9/16 X 1 1/2; brass trim.
#C. European plug, early 1700's.
Blade approx. 11 X 1 3/4; iron trim.
All have rosewood handles. #C & #A both have combo. hammer & screw driver guards.
All Bayonets come with basic leather scabbards.
All priced the same.

PRICE: $ 60.00 US / $80.00 Cdn.


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