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British Artillery Carbine
Light Infantry & officers Fusil

Loyalist Arms British carbines and fusils .

We have added the British 1756 Artillery carbine, the 1760 Light infantry
and 1750's Officers Fusil to our product selection.

1756 Artillery Carbine

This carbine is basically a scaled down version of the 1756 Long Land Bess supplied to the
Artillery units, however, rangers, officers and light infantry and some mounted units also favored them.
This model would fit into the late F&I period and Rev. War.
Some were also used up into the 1812 & Napoleonic period.

Rear view showing the proper thumb piece and rounded side plate.
Our models also have the proper armory stamps near the breech.

Closeup of lock. Makers Stamp is "EDGE". We can date the lock from 1756-62 at customers request.
Trigger is nicely curled at the bottom. Sling swivels are standard features as is the steel rammer.

Barrel, .65cal., 37 inch long, tapered round..
Hardware; brass, with iron rammer.
OA Length 52 3/4 in. approx.
Weight: approx. 8.25 lbs.

$697.00 US / $850.00 CDN.

1760 Light Infantry Fusil

Although this carbine was designed during the F&I period, they were not issued until later on, and
used extensively during the Rev. War.
Our Artillery Carbine is pictured below the Light Infantry fusil for comparison purposes.
Both carbines are very much the same, except for the obvious barrel length and thumb piece.
The Light Infantry has a 42" barrel compared to the 37" of the Artillery model.
The lock is the same on both models.

Note the beaver tail carving, rounded side plate and thumb piece.
This is one of our first production runs and the factory made the mistake of installing the thumb piece
up side down. Subsequent models will have this part installed properly. We will be selling these
up side down thumb piece fusils at a discount until they are sold out. Please inquire.
Both models have period ordinance and proof stamps on the barrels.

Barrel,.65cal., 42 inch long, tapered round.
Hardware; brass, with iron rammer.
OA Length 57 3/4 in. approx.
Weight: approx 9 lbs.

$697.00 US / $850.00 CDN.

1740's - 50's OFFICERS FUSIL

This fusil has the same design and specs. as the Light Infantry, but has a fancy thumb piece installed.
Many ranking officers had their carbines custom built to their own specs.
There was no set pattern for these carbines/fusils, however most had some common features and
hardware. Some were trimmed in iron. Ours however, are all brass trim.



Barrel, .65cal., 42 inch long, tapered round.
Hardware; brass, with iron rammer.
OA Length 57 3/4 in. approx.
Weight: approx. 9 lbs.

$697.00 US / $850.00 CDN.

Brit. Carbine Bayonets available, (fits all the above) @$ 64.00 US / $85.00 Can.

Loading and proofing data included with all guns.
All moving parts warranted for 6 months and all springs for 1 year.

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