Introducing our custom Elliot Carbine!!

At our request, our Musket supplier overseas has redesigned the basic shape of this carbine.
This arm is a semi-custom, requiring modifications once they arrive here.
Due to our heavy work load, we have inlisted the assistance of our dear friend and dealer, Dykes Reber
of The Muzzle Loader Shop in Arkansas, to do the final modifications to this arm.
Dykes has been custom building muzzle loading arms for approx. 30 years and his work has found it's
way into the collections of such famous clients as Charlton Heston.

This item is absolutely beautiful and the pictures do not do it justice.

These were one of the several types of carbines used for British mounted troops during the
American Revolution and elsewhere in the Empire .
The first Elliot carbine was issued in the 1760's with a wooden rammer, but the 1773 version was
updated with several changes, including the special shaped steel rammer and nose cap.

(click pic. to enlarge)

The barrel is 28" long, and is available in 65 cal.

(click to pic. enlarge)

The above picture is a left side view, showing the sling ring & bar.

(click pic. to enlarge)

All Elliot carbines have proper ordinance stamps on barrel, tang & lock plate.
All lock plates are marked "EDGE" & crown over "GR".

These reproductions are the closest copies of the originals available, with the exception of expensive
hand assembled ones.
As with all of our firearms, they can be easily shipped to the US, or anywhere, without problem.
Please inquire re. shipping rates.
Can be supplied with or without touch hole drilled, depending on customers preference.

For inquiries or orders, customers may contact either Loyalist Arms or Dykes Reber @
The Muzzleloader Shop Ltd.
Mr. H. Dykes Reber
603 Brown Drive
North Little Rock, Arkansas 72118
Tel. (501) 758-2222

PRICE on Request