- We at Loyalist Arms And Repairs, are proud to introduce the British Sea Service Pistol for all you F & I, Rev. War, & 1812 period naval re-enactors.

- This model was introduced in the 1730's and was replaced by a slightly newer version in the 1760's, (minor lock changes only, still in 12" barrel length), although it saw use right into the Napoleonic period.

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- 12" round, tapered barrel in 62 & .64 cal. Fancy hardwood oiled stock with brass trim and wooden rammer.
-Belt hook included.
-All brass hardware
-Lock plate stamped crown/GR, also crown with broad arrow, and EDGE/1739.
- Has all correct pattern armory stamps on barrel & breech.

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- This model is very similar to the Dragoon pistol of the same period in length and overall design, but was made with a different lock and simpler hardware. The stock was simplified as well, with no swell, no teardrops,and no entry thimble.

- Order yours today!! Multiple orders of 3 or more for groups, receive a discount.

- PRICE: $375.00 CAN.    $347.00 US.