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Doglock Musket &

Late 17thC. to early 18thC.


 Another exciting offer from your friends at Loyalist Arms.
Introducing our Doglock musket  & Musketoon .
The perfect PIRATE Musket!!

The Doglock musket, (named after the dog catch safety behind the cock), replaced the Jacobean/English lock of the early 1600's.
The Doglock came into being around the 1640's and were popular in the British armed forces until about 1715.
They remained in use as a regular issued weapon in the British navy for many years after this and
eventually evolved into the Sea Service musket of the 1730's.
These muskets were very popular in the colonies from the Caribbean to Canada.
The common, early British trade gun with the serpentine side plate was modelled after this musket as well.
Most firearms excavated at Port Royal Jamaica were of the doglock variety.
Many of these rugged muskets were used right up to the Revolutionary War in America by colonial troops as well
as native Americans.

Our model has a 76 cal. barrel, 46 inch long with a wooden rammer and iron hardware.
Although iron was used predominately on these muskets, brass is available on request.
You will notice this one pictured, has the forestock cut back. This would have been a modification done much later on,
therefore our regular production models will have the full stock running all the way to the muzzle, and will only accept a plug bayonet.
Plug Bayonets available. See our Bayonet page...

Close up of lock measuring over 7 3/8 inch long and typically styled trigger guard.
Frizzen is not bridled and is squared at the top.
If you look carefully, you can see a side bolt positioned behind the sear. These early muskets had 3 side bolts
holding the lock in place instead of 2 as you would normally see on most later flintlocks.
There is no accommodation made for a sling. Sling swivels became popular on later muskets.

Butt plate is wide, plain and flat like the originals. Notice the three (3), side bolts holding the lock in place.

Although it is not very clear in this picture, the tang bolt threads up into the tang from underneath the trigger guard,
just like the originals. There is no side plate on this musket, as it is an early model.

This musket has only two (2), ram rod thimbles. Our design very accurately copies the originals in all details.
There is no entry thimble on this musket. All hardware on this musket is iron.


We also sell a Doglock musketoon, which is identical to the musket, except for the overall length
and barrel length. All specs are the same, except that the barrel is 38 inch long.
Available with brass hardware only and two ram rod pipes.
This is an ideal musketoon for pirate, naval, surplus trade gun, and Native American impression.
Priced the same as the long musket. $$$

**We can paint these muskets with a black paint to resemble the Japanning commonly done to sea service guns on special request.
Please inquire.

Whether you are a patriot, a pirate on account, a native American, or in the British forces, fighting for Queen Anne or King William III, you can depend on this sturdy doglock musket from your friends at Loyalist Arms & Repairs Ltd.

Proofing and loading data is supplied with these muskets.
These guns carry a 6 month warranty on all moving parts, and a 1 year warranty on springs.

Price, $ 697.00 US/$ 850.00 Can.


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