1640's - 1690's Doglock pistol


1640's - 1690's Doglock pistol

The Doglock mechanism came into common use in the mid 17th Century, which superseded
the earlier English or Jacobean lock and Snaphaunce.
The English and the Dutch used this style of flintlock firearm the most, which uses an external catch or DOG as a half cock safety.
Our repro. Doglock pistol, represents a typical English Dragoon pistol of this period.
These pistols were also used extensively in the British, Dutch, and Danish Navies & Cavalries.
Pirates and Buccaneers favored them as well.
The British doglock fell into disuse around 1715-20.
The Swedes kept this style of lock well past the mid 18th Century.

Our new model has a 12 inch, tapered octagon to round barrel in either 62 or 64 cal., with brass hardware.

These are a very plain looking, but sturdy pistol.

Available with either painted or unpainted stock. Please specify.
Wooden rammer with plain tip.
Many pistol stocks were finished in black paint, which was common during this period.
*Belt hook available on request.*

Close up of the lock.
These detailed pics give you an idea of such items as:
Unbrideled frizzen, dog catch, octagon faceted flash pan, squared frizzen, squared cock jaws.

Side view showing lack of side plate like originals and plain butt cap and trigger guard.

As with the originals, the tang bolt threads into the octagon to round barrel tang from
beneath in the trigger guard area.

This style pistol was commonly used during the golden age of piracy by both seamen, privateers, pirates, and
naval officers.
They saw service all over Europe, North America, the Caribbean, and Africa.
Several doglock firearms have been excavated at Port Royal Jamaica, which plunged into the sea in 1692.
Many of these robust pistols even survived into the French & Indian war and the Rev. War period.

We have limited quantities of these unique pistols, which are available ONLY from Loyalist Arms & Repairs.

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