english lock musket

Doglock musket Early model
English Lock Musket

Another exclusive offering from Loyalist Arms, due to popular demand.

Loyalist Arms has developed two muskets for the early to mid 17th Century.
Now, English Civil War, Pirate and early colonial period reenactors and historic sites have some more
options for arms, should they not wish to operate a matchlock musket.
Both these muskets are styled very similar to our matchlock musket pictured elsewhere.

Early Doglock Musket.
This model would have been popular from the mid to late 17th Century.
Many of these muskets would have been common place in the Caribbean area during this time.
Although a predominantly British and used until about 1720, the doglock was used by several other
countries in Europe well into the 18th Century, although the early fish tail style of stock was
dropped by about 1680.

Close up of lock assembly.
The period from about 1550 to 1675 was a very interesting and confusing period of firearms design.
The matchlock, Snaphaunce, Wheel lock, English lock, Doglock, and Flintlock all came into being
during this time and on many occasions, were used together on the same battle field.
Many times, regiments from the same army had a mixture of several of these arms.
There was little or no standardization of firearms in many armies until the beginning of the 1700's.


English Lock, (Jacobean lock), Musket.
This musket dates back to the early to mid 17th C.
Perhaps Captain Morgan used a musket such as this during his career.
These type muskets have been excavated from the ruins of Port Royal Jamaica, which
slipped into the sea during an earthquake in 1692.

Close up of lock assembly.
These locks closely resembled a Snaphaunce lock, which was developed in the 1500's, but used for
many years, overlapping the period of the English lock.
Actually, the match lock musket, English lock, and Doglock muskets would have all been used along
side each other, right into the mid 1600's


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