This large cavalry style pistol was first introduced around 1615, and was a simplified version of the Snaphaunce. These lock assemblies fell out of
style with the advent of the Doglock, (which became popular in the 1640's), although the English lock persisted throughout the 1660's.

During this period, many snaphaunce firearms were converted to the English lock. These pistols had a lateral sear, which caught the back of the
cock at full cock, and the dog catch for half cock.

This pistol will fit nicely into the English Civil War period, early colonial, and is also popular for the early pirate period.

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 This pistol has all iron furniture, with a plain tapered wooden rammer. Also, an iron, slightly rounded butt cap.


16" barrel in .60 cal. tapered octagon to round with a wedding band.
Lock plate measures 7 x 1 1/2 inch
Overall length: 25 inch.

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From a close up view, you can easily see the similarities between the English lock, and the snaphaunce. Some of these lock assemblies have been excavated
at Archeological sites in New England, dating 1675.

Belt hooks can be fitted at extra cost, if desired by customer.

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