17th-18thC. Hand Mortar

Loyalist Arms is pleased to introduce our version of the 17th - 18thC Hand Mortar

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The Flintlock Hand Mortar was produced by several European nations from the 17th-early 19thC.
This one, is a Germanic version from the late 1600's to early 1700's and mostly produced for the army.
It has an unbridled frizzen and no accommodation for a rammer.
These items, often called Grenade Launchers are heaver than a Blunderbuss and although having sling swivels, are awkward to carry.
The recoil from this arm, must have been massive, and being fired from the hip, not very accurate either.

Details of common 17th Century Germanic & Dutch style brass hardware.
Some of these weapons were used by the various European navies but generally, they were disliked .
Since these items were unpopular and few were made, originals are quite rare today.
Although heavy and awkward to carry, the hand mortars are very impressive and fairly popular with current Pirate reenactors.

If you are looking for something different and don't want a Blunderbuss, this may just be the ticket.
The stock is rosewood and the barrel is made of strong naval bronze.

Barrel length: 7.75 inch, OAL. 24.25 inch
Caliber: 10 Ga., 2.5 inch ID at mouth

Weight: Approx. 11.5 lbs.
Assembled exclusively for Loyalist Arms by our factory overseas, and we do all the finish work here in Canada.
Shipped with loading and proofing data and an excellent warranty.
$ 799.00 USD / 1030.00 CAD $.

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