Light Dragoon pistol,
Elliot pattern.
Loyalist Arms, is pleased to introduce our  Light Dragoon pistol, Elliot pattern.
These pistols were a much simpler design than the earlier Heavy Dragoon pattern. They were easier to
manouver and much lighter as well, with their shorter 9 inch barrel.
Most popular from the Revolutionary war period to the Napoleonic era.

The Elliot pattern, used the smaller butt cap, and lacked the fancy relief carving around the lock and trigger guard area.
Has no entry thimble either.
Lock plates on these models, have the crown over GR, crown with broad arrow. Also, they have the correct armory stamps on the barrel.

A close up of the top of the barrel, shows the thinner, plainer stock of the light dragoon, compared to the earlier,heavy model with the swell
in the lower thimble area.

Another angle of the pistol, showing the hardware, and lack of decour, which the heavy model had.
There were several various versions of the light dragoon pistol produced.
Depending on the builder, several style locks, side plates, and different hardware was used.
The light dragoon pattern eventually did replace the heavy pattern, however, many heavy pattern pistols were
still in use at the same time as this new model.
Price, $399.00 US/$533.00 Cdn.
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