Long Land Pattern bess Musketoon

Long land pattern musketoon


Loyalist Arms is pleased to carry the Long Land Pattern Brown Bess in musketoon form.
Due to popular demand by reenactor Ranger units, as well as Native American and civilian reenactors, we have had
our popular Long Land model cut down and modified to a 36 inch long barrel.
This new product is manufactured exclusively for Loyalist Arms & Repairs Ltd.

There is archaeological evidence that many ranger units bobbed, (shortened), their Long Land muskets to make
them easier to maneuver in the bush and to lighten them. Excavations in known campsites have found barrel stubs
ranging from 8 to 12 inches long.Also, surplus muskets were often bought up and shortened by commercial
companies and sold off as trade guns and to civilians in the colonies.

Above, is a comparison between one of our *long land models and the musketoon.
All furniture and other specifications are the same, except for the lack of one rammer thimble, and the sling swivel repositioned.
Musketoons are available with various maker names and dates.
(See our 1728 long land page for various options.)
Barrel length: 36 inch. Bore: .75 cal. Hardware: 1728 style in Brass. Ramrod: Wood.
Weight: Approx. 8.75 lbs. Overall length:
approx. 51 3/4 inch. Flint size recommended: 1 inch.

*The upper long land musket in the above picture, is our transitional model with steel rammer and nose band.
This long land model is the same price as the musketoon.*
These modifications were carried out in the late 1740’s & 50’s.
All specs are the same as the regular long land model except for the notes above.

These musketoons heft very well, and are extremely well balanced.

Order yours today.
Price: $850.00 CDN / $697.00 US.


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