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This pistol was popular in the Prussian military from the 1840's to the late 1860's. Some were believed to be in service into the
Franco-Priussian war as well. These pistols, along with many other European firearms, were imported to the US during the Civil War, and
found their way into the hands of the Confederacy in the early years of the conflict.

There is no provision for a ram rod with this pistol, as the cavalry generally had the ram rod attached to a laynard, which was hung around
the soldiers neck or cross belt.

This is a truly beautiful pistol. The pictures do not do it justice.

.66 cal. smooth bore, 9 inch octagon to round barrel. All hardware in armory bright iron, and brass.

Stamped 1851 at the breech, with all proper armory stamps and markings throughout.

 Has external nipple protector, and fires a regular musket cap

 PRICE: $489.00 CAN.    $369.00 US.