Another new model for 2009 !!
1795 Springfield Type I Muskets - Early Model, Pre 1798 Issue

Now, 1812 American re-enactors have a reasonably priced musket available from Loyalist Arms!

These first official American musket were issued to the regular army, marines, and navy from
1795 to approx. 1812.
The militia was officially issued the 1795 model after 1808 and it is reasonable to assume that the
militia were armed with many of the earlier, used models, while the newer models went to the army proper.
By 1808, several private contractors were also producing this model, due to high demand.
These muskets were rumored to be present during the Alamo battle, and some were even converted to
percussion in the 1850's by private contractors and sold to several Southern States.
The US Federal armories did not convert any of these muskets to percussion, as they deemed these
older models unsuitable for conversion.

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These pre 1798 contract muskets were mostly produced without any markings on the lock or barrel.
Our models have "United/States" stamped on the lock only.
The trigger guard is also of the early variety, having tear drop finials on both ends.

They have the correct ramrod and lower barrel band spring, just like the original, patterned closely to the 1760's model french muskets.

Barrel: 44 3/4 long, .69 cal.
OAL: 60"approx.
Approx. weight: 9.2 lbs.

Correct bayonets & scabbards are available @ $49.00 US
Sling kits are also available @ $19.95 US.

MUSKET PRICE: $780.00 CAN.    $649.00 US.