Introducing the 1728 1st Model Brown Bess & the French Infantry Musket

Loyalist Arms & Repairs is pleased to offer these two repro. muskets for the early 18th Century.

(Please note, these muskets are all new in design, not modified copies of other later period muskets). These muskets
are being produced exclusively for Loyalist Arms, and there are no other repros. of this quality in the world.

Now, F&I War & Seven Year War reenactors, (and earlier periods), can have an appropriate
and reasonably priced musket.
These muskets were also used predominately, during the Revolutionary War, and some even
lasted into The War of 1812.

Loyalist Arms & Repairs is pleased to announce our 1724 DUBLIN CASTLE BROWN BESS MUSKETS.
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These muskets are almost identical to the 1728 Bess', however, all furniture is manufactured in iron, rather than brass.

1728 1st Model Brown Bess, also called the Long Land pattern & Kings pattern musket.

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As you can see, our model has the proper wooden rammer, and all proper 1728 ram rod thimbles.
Also, proper swell in the fore stock.

The barrel is 46" long, in .75 cal.. Brass hardware, wooden rammer with brass tip, unbridled frizzen,
trigger pull approx. 13 1/2 inch
OAL length, approx. 62 1/2 inch. Sling swivels included. Flash guard and frizzen stall included at
no extra charge. Stock of rosewood. Weight approx. 10 lbs.

All hardware parts were copied directly from an original.

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Our model has all correct relief carving around lock area as well as tang, and trigger guard.
Lock marked Dublin Castle.

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All hardware is of the 1728 version Bess. All these parts are newly developed; almost identical to the original.
All models will have the proper armory stamps on the barrel and lock, right down to the broad arrow and crown.

We have optional dates available for the locks from 1728-40 on request.

Musket $697.00 US / $850.00 Can.
Bayonet $ 85.00 CAN / $64.00 US

Sling kits available: $ 32.00 CAN / $19.95 US

French Infantry Musket

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A comparison of the 1728 French musket, (top), and our Long Land Brown Bess.
All parts were manufactured directly from originals.

Barrel, 46 3/4 long in 69 cal. octagon to round. Trigger pull approx. 13 1/2 inch.
Steel rammer.Sling swivels side mounted.
OA length approx.63 inch. Stock rosewood, weight approx. 10 lbs.

This model has the proper shaped butt stock and barrel bands. All hardware is iron, however,
brass is optional, for Naval and some Marine applications.

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Markings on this lock are; Fleur De Lise, Crown over "S.E". for St. Etienne. "TVLLE" will also be optional.

This model can easily be modified to resemble several other French muskets of the period from 1717-54, such as
the Grenadier and some Marine versions. (** see note below)

We can advise which modifications are necessary to make these muskets into other models.

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Another comparison of the two new muskets.

Both these muskets are warranted, and are guaranteed to give an excellent spark.

Musket @ $697.00 US / $850.00 Can.
Bayonet w/scabbard available: $ 85.00 CAN / $64.00 US

Sling kits available: $ 32.00 CAN / $19.95 US

** During the 1740's, the Ministry of Marine increasingly bought it's muskets from St.Etienne,
similar to the 1728 model. Many models of French muskets were used in Canada from 1695-1754,
however, one model not used by the Compagnies Franches, was the 1717 Infantry model.*

* (Taken from: The French soldier in Colonial America, by Rene Chartrand; P.21).

We recommend you read the following books on these interesting French muskets regarding the
similarities and differences between the various models:
1) "The French Soldier in Colonial America" by R. Chartrand.
2) "The Fusil de Tulle in New France", by Russel Bouchard.