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Loyalist Arms regularly supplies props to the movie industry.
From time to time, when we have some of the rental props returned to us, we decide to sell them.
We feel it is better to sell a prop that was actually used in a motion picture or TV production as movie
memorobelia, rather than selling them as regular discounted items.
This way, they will be appreciated for their use rather than simply as an item for a museum or
reenactor purposes.

Often times, these rental items bear the dents and scratches of their prop usage.
These items are sold exactly as they were returned from the prop department of the
particular movie production company in which they were used.

Which each item, we will include a copy of the rental agreement with the production company
to authenticate your purchase.

We have the following items currently available:

1856/61 Tower Cavalry Carbine.
Several available that were used in the movie "September Dawn",(2007), by Christopher Cain &
starring Jon Voight.
These guns were not made fireable, as they were simply rented as static props and carried by
the US Cavalry in that movie.
They are in good overall shape, but have scratches and dents on the stocks, and some small
rust spots on the barrel and other hardware.
These guns have not been reconditioned in any way and are sold as is, as returned to us.
(pics here)
Price $350.00 each, Canadian.

1777 French Cavalry Flintlock Carbines.
Used on the movie "September Dawn" as above.
Same condition as above.They were beat around somewhat while on horseback.
Only have a very few of these carbines.
(pics here)

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