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Pirate Swords, Naval Cutlasses, Etc:

- 17th Century Mediterranean Style Pirate Cutlass.
(Absolutely beautiful).

-17th Century Pirate Cutlass with Steel Basket *New*

- 17th - 18th Cent. Dutch Cutlass. updated design for 2006 !!

- 18th - 19th Cent. French Naval Briquet

- 1860 US Naval Cutlass.

- 18th Cent. French Naval Cutlass.

- British/American Early-Mid 18th Cent. Cutlass.
- 17th Cent.SHELL Guard pirate cutlass. NEW for 2007 !!

(A tribute to the people who assisted us in
developing the most accurate copy of  the Brit/American cutlass in North America - (click below)

Calvary Sabers, European:

- British 1796 Light Cavalry Saber. British/American Spadroon, mid 18th Century
**NEW for 2007 !!

Infantry Swords:

- British 1742 Pattern Sword.

- French Early - Mid 18th Cent. Sword.

- British 1751 Pattern Sword.

-French Briquette Saber

American Civil War Swords:

- Confederate Cavalry Officer's Saber.

- 1860 U.S. Light Cavalry Saber.

- Confederate NCO Sword.

Tomahawks and Axes *New*

-English Trade Pipe Tomahawk

-French Trade Pipe Tomahawk

-Boarding Axe

-Ceremonial French/Chippawa Pipe Tomahawk

-Throwing Tomahawk

Bayonets, Knives and Daggers *New*

-British Bayonets and Scabbards

-French Bayonets and Scabbards

-American Bayonets and Scabbards

Naval Bowie knife

Plug bayonets new for 2006 !!

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Medieval & Viking Swords (CLICK HERE)

Armor, Helmets & Chainmail

Arabic Daggers & Misc. Blades

Roman Period & Samurai Swords