1845 Brunswick

1845 British Brunswick

* Another new and exciting offer from your friends at Loyalist Arms .
A new item designed with the AM. Civil War reenactor in mind.
These muskets would also have been used in the Crimean war,
the Indian Mutiny, and many other colonial conflicts.

These muskets saw extensive usage from the adoption of the percussion cap, until well after the
Snyder Enfield cartridge rifle was adopted by the British army. They were manufactured from 1837
with a back action lock then issued with a more conventional front action lock in 1845.
They were made till 1850 and were still being issued in 1853.
They were used in conflicts all over the British Empire as well as the US.
These guns were the first official percussion cap rifles issued to the British forces.
It is not known if the Union purchased any of these guns, however, there are records of
the Confederacy importing them.

Our model has a 30 inch long, .69/70 cal. barrel in smooth bore.
Gun is finished in armory bright, not blued like the 1853 Enfield.

Lock plate is dated 1846 and has the typical crown over "VR".
We use Euroarms musket nipples of 8mm X 1.25 metric thread.

These guns have a similar side bolt washer as the 1853 Enfield rifles.
Has a two stage flip up rear sight.


Proofing and loading data is supplied with these muskets.
These guns carry a 6 month warranty on all moving parts, and a 1 year warranty on springs.

Price, $670.00 US / $825.00 Can.


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