Musketeers Bandolier

* Another new and exciting offer from your friends at Loyalist Arms for 2011.
A new item designed with the Musketeer, Cavalier, Conquistador, Pirate, Buccaneer
English Civil War reenactor in mind.

These bandoliers were used throughout the 16th and 17th Centuries by every nation in Europe that had a standing army.
This Bandolier, like the originals, had at least 12 individual powder flasks affectionately called "Apostoles". Each
apostole held a pre-measured charge for loading the matchlock, snaphaunce, wheel lock, or English lock musket.
There was also a larger priming flask, which is suspended below the bullet/ball bag.

Our antique finished apostoles are 100% wood, hand crafted as well as an all leather sling and bag.
Bandolier sling and bullet bag are non-adjustable, and dyed dark brown only.
Apostoles can be had with either leather thongs or jute twine for attachment to bandolier/sling; please advise.
The drilled section of the apostoles are large enough to hold even the largest charges, and if desired, can be drilled
out larger, to insert a copper, plastic, or brass liner for a more positive seal if you wish.

WE recommend you install a liner anyway, to better prevent dampness and stray sparks from possibly entering the
apostoles, as wood caps are not 100% water tight. Safety First and always !!

Having a sling full of powder flasks hanging around my shoulders, while I fiddle with a burning match fuse is somewhat
disconcerting so I tend to use only the priming flask and hide a few paper rolled cartridges in my bullet bag for actual loading.
Also, those apostoles are hanging only a few inches from the flash pan of a musket when being fired,
so appropriate safety procedures should be considered and followed for your own safety.
(What other dealers/sutlers don't seem to mention).
There are documented 17th century cases of apostoles and powder flasks igniting while the musketeer took part in battle.
If an apostole does ignite, it could cause a chain reaction and ignite all the remaining apostoles, resulting in very
serious injury or death to the one wearing the bandolier and others in close proximity.
Please use this product with common sense and caution.
No smoking, avoid any direct contact with sparks and keep your distance from camp fires and artillery.
Do not leave the apostoles or flasks loaded when not in use or within the reach of the public or children.
Gun powder is explosive and flammable.

Bandolier Price, including sufficient length thong or cord, 12 apostoles and one priming flask
@ $149.00 US / $189.00 Can.
Apostoles only, $10.00 USD, $14.00 Can.
Bandolier priming flask only @ 19.00 US/ 25.00 Can.

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